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Chiropractic Care Puts You On The Road To Recovery

Here's the three steps to living life, free from pain.
number one

Get To The Root Of The Problem

We take the time to find out what's really going on.
number 2

Reduce And Eliminate Pain

Get the treatment you need to reduce and eliminate pain right away.
number 3

Get Back To Doing What You Love

Get the care and tools you need to be healthy for life.

Step 1: Getting To Know You and Finding the Root Cause

When You Are In Pain Or Have Been Injured, You Deserve A Chance To Have Your Story Heard

It can be difficult to get a doctor to spend more than 5 minutes with you nowadays. Most often than not they'll prescribe medication for the symptoms or recommend surgery instead of taking the time to figure out the "root cause".

But at Northwood Chiropractic and Wellness, we understand that every single person who walks in our office is different and has a unique story, body type, and set of goals and desires.

The biggest mistake so many people make is focusing on the 'symptom' of pain, without taking the time to evaluate and assess where it's coming from. This is the reason why so many people suffer from pain much longer than they should.

What exactly does "root cause" mean?

The "root cause" of an injury can be one, or many parts of the body that may be stiff, weak, or lack the proper stability which causes other parts of your body to "compensate" and cause pain elsewhere.

What may be difficult for people to understand about these "root cause" areas is they may not actually be painful! Some examples of these are:

  • "Tight hips" pulling on your lower back causing inflammation and scar tissue to build up.
  • A "pinched nerve" in your neck causing "referred pain" down your shoulder or arm
  • An old ankle injury that didn't heal properly which could be causing your knee to "compensate" for your injury.
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How Do We Figure Out The Root Cause Of Your Injury?

Motion Analysis

We can quickly and efficiently find out where your joints may be stiff or muscles are tight.

Hands On-Assessment

Once we perform your motion analysis, we will confirm what we see throug hands on, joint and muscle assessment. We will take the time to analyze not only the area of pain but also, above and below to make sure we capture any compensstion that we find.

X-Ray Images (if needed)

While it seems obvious, a large piece of the Northwood Chiropractic and Wellness experience is to get the full encompassing health of each client. Disc degeneration, arthritis, fractures and even cancer can be seen on x-ray images. The set of images taken helps us determine if you are a candidate for chiropractic care with us or if we need to refer you to a specialist.

Step 2: Reduce and Eliminate Your Pain

Our goal is to reduce and eliminate your pain.

How do we do this?

What makes us unique and different from ALL other chiropractors is that our unique treatment involves a combination of 'hands on' techniques and corrective exercises.

Manual Therapy/Adjustments:

We have spent literally HUNDREDS of hours training various manual therapy and adjustment techniques to ensure you get the best possible results.

These techniques will help get those chronically stiff, achy, inflamed joints and tight muscles to start loosening up and end the cycle of pain you are experiencing.

Some of These Techniques Include:

  • Chiropractic Adjustments
  • Gentle Joint Manipulation
  • Flexion Distraction Therapy
  • Myofascial Release Therapy
  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation
  • Deep Tissue Percussion Treatment
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Corrective Exercise

When we ask our satisfied patients what makes us different than the 'typical' chiropractor, the unique approach to physical rehab and corrective exercise is most often the answer. 

Northwood Chiropractic and Wellness has an intimate understanding of exercise. This includes classic weight lifting, Olympic lifting, HIIT principles, yoga, strength and conditioning, exercise physiology, sports science and high performance training.

Some of our clients do these activities at a high level while others just want to feel good and be health. Either way, we cater to each person's needs. Rather than just talking about it, we actually guide and coach you IN THE TREATMENT session. This is where most other chiropractors, acupuncturists, and massage therapists miss the boat and claim to understand these principles and many will claim they don't have the TIME to do it with a patient in the treatment session. 

Step 3: Get Back To Doing What You Love!

The Last Step is To Make Sure You Have Received The Care You've Been Looking For

We have been witness to people who have avoided back surgeries and injections, even when doctors have said nothing else can be done.

We have seen golfers who were ready to give up the game play 18-holes WITHOUT taking a handful of pain pills just to get through the round.

We have seen patients who though their only option for relief was pain pills completely avoid them with natural treatments we offer right here at Northwood Chiropractic and Wellness.

We promise that there will be no magic pill or simple fix to complex problems.

But we DO promise to use every single tool, resource and ounce of knowledge we possess in order to make improvements in how you move, how you feel, so that you can achieve the outcome you are looking for.

We are NOT a practice that gives you a folder of exercises and says good luck with these.

We ARE a practice that specializes in doing everything and anything within our scope of practice to help people make significant transformations within their confidence, mobility, and quality of life without needing to take pills or have unnecessary surgeries, even if all other conservative options have failed.

Our mission is to take you from living in pain to living your life.

Get the care you need to enjoy the freedom you deserve.

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