Our Top FAQ's, Answered

If these don't answer your specific question or needs then reach out to us!

Q1: What's it going to cost me?

There are so many different ways this can be answered. Some people pay nothing and some people are self-pay. This is why we provide a New Patient Special a risk free visit (to those who qualify) complete with a plan of care and transparency of costs before treatment begins so each patient can make an informed decision about their care. 

Q2: Do you offer specials for new patients?

Yes, it's called our Gift of Health. This is complimentary consultation, exam, x-rays (if needed) and a doctor's report of findings for a custom plan of care to address your concerns. This is a $300 value. Restrictions may apply. This offer is not valid with those on a federally funded program, Medicare, Medicaid, worker's compensation, auto accident, or other personal injury cases.

Q3: Do you take my insurance?

We are an in-network provider with many carriers. This list sometimes is changing for various reasons. You can verify if we are in-network by contacting your health insurance and giving them our practice name (Northwood Chiropractic and Wellness) or the provider's (Dr. Greg Beenken, DC). Each carrier is different you may see one of these names or both.

We do a health insurance benefits analysis for every new client as part of your experience with us and any necessary pre-authorizations!

If we are not in-network with your insurance, then we will bill to your insurance as an out-of-network provider.

Q4: I sustained injuries from an auto accident, how much does it cost to see you?

Auto accidents are covered 100%, you will never receive a bill from us.

Q5: I was hurt at work. Can I come see you as a part of work comp and what does it cost me to see you?

Worker's compensation claims are covered 100% for the first 3 months. 

Q6: I am on a MN State Medical Assistance (Medicaid) health insurance plan, what does it cost me to become a patient?

Medicaid will accept the services provide: a consult, exam and any necessary x-rays, as well as chiropractic adjustments. This cost can vary from no cost to a low co-pay. Any services that are recommended, but are not covered will be made known to you before the service is provided for your informed consent.

Q7: I am on Medicare and have a Medicare Part C Supplement, what does it cost me to become a patient?

Medicare will only accept chiropractic adjustments. The consultation and exam are not covered. Any necessary x-ray images taken by a chiropractor are not covered. Any other services that are recommended, but are not covered, will be made known to you before the service is provided for your informed consent. Estimated cost for a new client with Medicare starts at $115-225 for the consult, exam, and x-rays (if needed) and a doctor's recommendation to get well.

Q8: Do you do manual (hands on) adjustments?

Yes, it's used 99.9% of the time. We also use other techniques as well using tools, that may be of benefit to certain patients and is dependent on age, overall health, and preference.

Q9: Can I just walk-in and be seen?

We operate by appointment only. You are more than welcome to walk-in to schedule a future visit, but in all honesty to save your time and energy it's best to contact us or schedule online.

Q10: Do you do the ring dinger?

YouTube has popularized a number of things, the Ring Dinger, is one of them. No, we don't offer the ring dinger or y-axis distraction techniques. 

Q11: Can you do what my last chiropractor did?

There are so many different techniques and approaches to care. When working with people who are transferring their care from a different office we understand their familiarity and may have a strong preference to their adjustments. We do our best to address this. In some cases, it's a yes, we can provide a similar level of care. In most cases, however, the health status of the patient has changed and the same thing they've been doing for a decade is out-dated and there is a better way to address their concerns.

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