"Why are chiropractors allowed to use the title of Dr. in their name when they are not qualified to practice as a medical doctor?" For the same reason that dentists, osteopathic doctors, some professors, lawyers, physical therapists, and many more can. It's because they earned their doctoral degree.

The definition of doctor goes back to the medieval times when learned persons of faith were giving the honor of doctor to share this message to others. To apply that to modern application a doctor is a learned person who teaches others.

A doctor of chiropractic promotes the innate recuperative power of the body to heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery by identifying and caring for vertebral subluxations and other abnormal articulations by emphasizing the relationship between structure and function as coordinated by the nervous system and how that relationship affects the preservation and restoration of health.

Yes, the definition I wrote was expansive; but this is the Minnesota statute that defines chiropractic care.

Other professional examples; a doctor of dental surgery will promote good dental health through education, prevention and correction of disease that may happen to teeth. A doctor of optometry will promote good optical health through education, prevention and correction of disease that may happen to the eyes.

Now! In an emergency and someone shouts "is there is a doctor in the house" they are not wanting a PhD, a chiropractor, or even a dermatologist, all of which are doctors, and one even a medical doctor. What they really want is an EMT, or an emergency department attending physician. However, not everyone has access to emergency care professionals when the sudden need arises. If you are able to I encourage you to register through your local community organization classes to be familiarized and practice CPR, how to use an AED and any other classes that are open for the public to enroll.

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