The most common form of neck pain typically stems from poor posture, which puts extra tension on the nerves, neck muscles, inflames joints, and causes pain.

Watch the video below for stretches you can do at the workplace.

Here are 4 types of neck conditions that we treat in office through chiropractic care and physical rehab.

  1. Neck pain from muscle strains or spasms : This is a stiff neck that a person may experience after straining the muscles when lifting heavy objects or a muscle spasm when sleeping in a less than ideal position.
  2. Neck pain from ligament strains: This includes whiplash injuries from falls and auto accidents and neck pain that occurs over time from poor posture like sitting.
  3. Neck pain with headaches: Headaches are all too common and many people don't know that the source may be in the neck. How good would that feel to have your headaches resolved.
  4. Neck pain with radiating symptoms: This includes neck pain from spinal stenosis, a slipped or herniated cervical disc, or nerve compression causing numbness and tingling down the arms and fingers.


Our goal with neck pain is to identify the source, improve postural strength, increase joint mobility and range of motion, improve muscle flexibility and reduce neural tension.

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