In Maple Grove, neck pain is on the rise. Every reason is a little different, but I am experiencing more new patients with a neck pain complaint than ever before. Here are a few tips on what you should and should not do if you're experiencing neck pain.

Signs and symptoms of neck pain include numbness and tingling in the hands, fingers, mid-back, tight and stiff muscles that reduce your ability to turn and move your head. Chronic tight muscles, especially at the top of the shoulders, headaches, fatigue, poor sleep, low energy, increased irritability towards others and foggy brain.

Do Try Home Remedies
1. Try an ice pack or heat pack for 15-20 minutes to see if there is any relief. If symptoms get worse, take it off immediately!
2. Exercise, certain stretches an exercise can provide temporary relief. Check out this video, it highlights one exercise that I program into a patient's treatment plan.

Do Not
1. Ignore your symptoms, living with symptoms and justifying that's a part of getting old is normal. It's not.
2. Grab the ibuprofen and tylenol expecting that it's going to fix everything. These are just a mask to your symptoms and cause more damage to your liver and gut health than what's previously known. A great alternative is a natural anti-inflammatory called Turmeric or Curcumin and can be purchased from our Wellness Partner. It doesn't attack your liver and gut. Only the bad inflammation!

A home remedy for neck pain will provide temporary relief, it won't solve the issue. It's very likely your symptoms will come back as the same or in a varying degree. If you try this at home remedy for neck pain and are feeling the same, worse, or maybe things are getting better but it's very slow call my office to schedule a consultation. Chiropractic care is very effective in treating conditions associated with neck pain. My office offers a corrective solution to symptoms and a path to true health and wellness.

Are you experiencing neck pain in Maple Grove? Give my office a call 763-432-3932 or schedule a consultation through this website.

Dr. Greg Beenken

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