I want to introduce you to Mariah. There are a few things that make Mariah unique; she is the first patient ever to be served at my office, and the second is that she was able to beat her disabling radiating neck and low back pain, naturally.

Mariah is an active woman who enjoys playing and coaching volleyball. Like many of us she wants to keep doing the things she loves to do and will push through any bump or bruise to do it. However, her pain got so bad that by simply picking up a volleyball caused extreme low back pain. Playing, coaching, and running drills would cause her whole leg, upper shoulders, and lower back to go numb. Then after most practice's her entire lower body would go numb.

It was at this moment Mariah started seeking a chiropractor. She quickly learned that not all chiropractors are the same. One told her she is quad dominant and needs to walk backwards on a treadmill; that did nothing. The second did some adjustments and moves that made things worse! Both had her fill out her intake sheet and after a few questions, delivered a chiropractic adjustment, gave her some recommendations and she was out the door.

Mariah called my office because she read my bio and liked my background in training athletes, working in volleyball and the passion I show for the human body and its amazing abilities. I took Mariah through the process to find out why she's experiencing symptoms, where it may be located, and most important if I am the right practitioner for her. I created a unique treatment plan for her and her needs and I'm happy to say she beat her radiating neck and low back pain naturally and is coaching and playing volleyball to this day, pain free!

If you are searching to beat pain naturally with a chiropractor in Maple Grove, MN then look no further. My office is ready to serve you, give us a call 763-432-3932

Dr. Greg Beenken

Dr. Greg Beenken

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