Gluten has been a hot topic in diet and health for years, but not everyone is fulling understanding what it is. An example of this is food packaging and labels. Why are so many items of different food types labeled as gluten-free? Why is there even a dedicated aisle or shelving space to just gluten free products? Are there that many Maple Grove residents who are sensitive to gluten that it needs its own aisle and stamp on everything just to declare it's gluten-free?

What's going on with gluten?

It's common knowledge that gluten is found in wheat but, it also is in barley, rye and oats. Oddly enough, gluten is found in imitation meats like tofu and mock duck. Surprisingly, gluten is in soy sauce, ice cream and ketchup. This explains the food product labels because it looks like it can be anywhere but what's so dangerous about gluten?

Gluten by definition is a tenacious elastic protein substance that gives cohesiveness to dough. In other words gluten is a gum, binder, a paste and in Latin it translates to glue. Yes, gluten is glue! The mechanism of injury is too complex for a blog so I encourage you to watch the video from Northwood Chiropractic & Wellness' YouTube channel and see how the human body reacts to gluten. Please subscribe to our channel while you're watching it.

Go in depth with Dr. Greg as he talks about how the body reacts to Gluten and the mechanism of injury that happens to everyone!

5 Signs of Gluten Sensitivity: Next time you eat look for these signs of gluten damaging your body!

  1. Bloating
  2. Foggy Brain
  3. Leaky Gut
  4. Headaches
  5. Depression

As a Chiropractor I want you to have a happy and healthy spine, brain and body. Gluten is a toxin that damages the small intestine in everyone and has been shown to cause neurological issues including depression, headaches and migraines among other extensive changes in developing minds like babies and young children. There is a huge importance your diet has on your path towards true health and wellness. Make sure you have a Chiropractor on your health team that takes care of your spine and your brain.

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