Here's how you find the best chiropractor in Maple Grove, MN

A chiropractor will evaluate specific segments of your spine and look for changes in muscle tone, the bone alignment, and any movement restriction from that single joint. They will adjust, tell you to do some stretches, and maybe leave you on a table for a combination of ice, heat, and electrical stimulation. The unfortunate thing is that's on your first visit, you just met them, and you don't fully understand why you have symptoms. You will visit this chiropractor between 6-12 times and your symptoms might fluctuate, having good days and bad. Then out of nowhere they schedule a consult and release you from active care. During that release from care consultation they try to convince you to sign onto wellness care, but deep down you know your original complaint is still there, so you reluctantly sign on thinking that it'll just take time and maybe it'll go away.

A GREAT chiropractor will go through your health history, posture, range of motion, neurological exam, orthopedic tests, functional movements, a chiropractic exam and take x-rays. They should not adjust on the first day, because a GREAT chiropractor will put in the time and effort to find the root cause of your symptoms. On a second visit, a GREAT chiropractor will spend the time with you to talk about your health and what they may be able to do for you. A GREAT chiropractor will create 2 custom options for care. A GREAT chiropractor will let you chose your path of care and clearly layout the goals and expectations of care. Before that first adjustment is delivered you should know your in good hands with someone who is there to serve you. A GREAT chiropractor will resolve your symptoms, attack the source, remold, reform, and change your posture. Then once everything is settling in, holding well, and you are back to normal! A GREAT chiropractor will offer an opportunity to wellness care. Wellness is the quality of being in good health. You can't have symptoms and be well at the same time.

This is not a blog article intended to knock other practices. There are over 2 dozen Chiropractors and Chiropractic Offices in Maple Grove, MN. There are patients who want just the pain relief, and will go to a chiropractor just for the one-time adjustment. In fact, I have turned away several prospective patients just for that reason. I will refer them to a different chiropractic office in town so they can get their fix.

Why do I turn away patients? Because I'm not a pain pill. I'm not the Tylenol or ibuprofen replacement for the day. I do this for a good reason, I put an emphasis and priority on your short-term and long-term health, I ask myself am I the right doctor for you? Am I able to help you? By striving to be a GREAT chiropractor the results my patients are experiencing surpasses all of THEIR expectations.

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There are many chiropractors and only a few GREAT chiropractors. Relationships matter, trust in your chiropractor matters. If you feel cared for and served by your chiropractor, I highly encourage you to stay with them!

Dr. Greg Beenken

Dr. Greg Beenken

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