Speaking for most policies in the state of Minnesota. Chiropractic care is a benefit as a part of medical or health insurance. But... there are more details that can cause significant confusion and frustration to patients just wanting to get better. 

There are chiropractors who are in-network or out of your network. There may be a pre-authorization, limitations, services that are covered (fancy word for accepted by insurance), services that aren't a covered benefit and even the fine print detailing medical necessity; a requirement for submitting claims to health insurance. Then the financial side of individual or family deductibles, co-insurance, co-pays, max daily charges, out of pocket maximums, etc. This is why insurance is confusing. However, at the end of the day patients are just wondering and asking can I help them and how much is it going to cost?

Our focus and aim is to simplify the process for the patient. We take care of everything on the front end and the back end. We also, provide a transparent quote of services before treatment begins. We believe that transparency and open communication about financial responsibility before we begin care is important. Patients want to know the cost of services when using their insurance plan. We want patients to focus on their care and injury recovery.

Finally. Yes, we accept health insurance and are an in-network chiropractic provider with:

 Blue Cross Blue Shield
 Fulcrum Health
 Veteran Affairs Community Care Network

and YES, we do offer New Patient Specials. A complimentary consult, exam and x-rays (if needed). Restrictions may apply. Offer is not valid for federally funded programs, Medicare and Medicaid.

Give us a call or text 763-432-3932 or click schedule now for online booking. We look forward to meeting you!