If you're looking for a solution to your symptoms you need the right tools. Northwood Chiropractic & Wellness has a special designed table that is used to treat back pain, sciatic nerve pain and disc bulges in Maple Grove, MN. It becomes such a crowd favorite with my patients that even those coming in for the preventative qualities of wellness care request a few minutes on this special table.

Low back pain and disc herniation are the result of the vertebral subluxation complex. This meaning a joint wasn't moving right and started to affect the nearby nerve. The spinal nerve couldn't send a signal resulting in weak muscles, poor posture, altered movement, and alignment of the spine. This wear and tear eventually started to degenerate the disc and bone. It is within my skill set that I can identify areas of damage and begin the healing process. To accelerate the healing process I have a special table and technique I use to improve movement of joints, stretch the small muscles between each vertebrae and to get the discs of your spine moving and get nutrients into the affected area.

See the flexion distraction table, the conditions I like to use it for and why it's great for pregnant women!

Yes, you read that! This technique and special tool is fantastic for pregnant women seeking back pain relief in Maple Grove, MN.

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Dr. Greg Beenken

Dr. Greg Beenken

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