I was asked recently by a patient. "So as a doctor and chiropractor what do you do during your down time? Do you just read articles and research?" To my reply, "I'm just a regular dude like everyone else".  So here are 9 things about myself that I have never told you.


  1. I was an angel at school and a hell-raiser at home.

    I was a near-perfect student in elementary school being told I do so well, am a model student, I have great imagination, and am a real joy to have in class. This always came as a shock to my parents. At home I would enjoy building unique creations with Lego's, k'nex or Tinker Toys. Many times, these focused activities would only last for so long. At home, I pushed the limits and boundaries. I would instigate fights, not listen to my parents, talk back and it wouldn't be a school night without me being sent to my room to think about what I did. Little did they know I was sitting in my room learning and scheming for how I'm going to get away with my hell-raising activities the next time!

  2. I have serious middle child syndrome

    I have 4 brothers, yes, all boys, and I am the middle child. I don't know if middle child syndrome is a real thing, but it is an interesting birth order to be in. I remember what it was like growing up with my older brothers and saw how my younger brothers grew up. I can't identify which one closely resembles myself as it's a melting pot of experiences. I will say this, I wouldn't trade being the middle child for anything.

    My "Scariest" List

  3. Movie: E.T. The Extraterrestrial
  4. Book: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
  5. Animal: Tie between snakes and spiders
  6. Memory: Being chased by a clown at a rodeo; I was 3 and scarred for life.
  7. Fear: Drowning

  8. I went back to school, twice

    I'm a late bloomer. I went back to school twice. The first time was when I was 26 to get my Masters in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Sports and Exercise Science at the University of Minnesota. My intention was to be a collegiate strength and conditioning coach as I enjoy the competitive environment and the ability to push the performance limits of the human body. Having a Masters degree and building that network is what it takes to even get your foot in the door for an entry-level job. It was during my time volunteering with Gopher Strength I experienced the joys and the challenges of college sports. I knew I could be successful if I stayed on that route. Instead, I took my experience and knowledge and gave the nearby chiropractic college a call and sent them my academic resume. I was accepted within 24 hours and went back to school for a second time at 27 years old. Now I'm happy serving people through chiropractic care in Maple Grove, MN to eliminate pain without drugs and leading them on a path towards true health and wellness.

  9. Bedrock Faith

    Life is a purpose-driven mission. My mission is to show love and light to everyone who walks through our doors just as Jesus Christ showed us. The coolest thing I get to witness in other people is the body's natural healing process when given the right combination of diet, exercise, and care. I do believe this is an intelligent design given to us by a higher power.
Dr. Greg Beenken

Dr. Greg Beenken

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